SMB HR Payroll Package

SMI SME and SMB HR100 Headcount Package

Malaysia Payroll System for SMI SME which includes licenses, services and support.

  • Onsite installation at your premise
  • Training and Setup
  • Unlimited Maintenance and Support
  • Excel Data Migration
  • Unlimited Phone Call Support
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Updates and Upgrades
  • Custom choose only the needed modules
  • HR Mobile App comes with NO extra cost
  • Web charts, HR Analytics Charting included
  • Competitive Pricing

Choice of Hosting Online via Microsoft Azure Data Center 

  1. Cloud Hosting:  By subscribing via cloud hosting for a low startup cost and pay on a monthly basis. All updates and upgrades is automatically updated.

“System has been tested and implemented by one of our Local Malaysia Bank, with most stringent security testing and most detailed evaluation”

HR Payroll System FAQ

Is the system able to track increment history? All information is kept for unlimited years?

Yes. The unique of the system is we have career progression which tracks your history position, past salaries, past allowances, benefits, salary taken including even if you resign and rejoin the company again.

Salary auto adjust on pre-set adjustment date?

Yes, click the checkbox for pro rate and the system will prorate your salary.

Will resigned staff salary be prorated on the last day?

Yes, click the checkbox for pro rate

I have many locations and few companies?

You can manage your entire HR / Payroll via a single login and manages multiple companies. It all depends on your administrator rights setting

What can your HR System do?

We give your complete payroll report, government reporting like socso, epf, PCB with the trail calculation on E-Calculator, User Define Report, auto bank submission, EPF diskette submission, Import and Export to excel, Employee ownself view payslip, view leave, check Attendance record, auto compute OT calculations, direct integration to your time readers  & many more

Auto computing non paid leave?

Yes, non pay leave is calculated by system base on their salary and formula the system will compute their rate. Employee can apply for non pay leave and subject to manager approval.

Export format to Maybank M2e, CIMB?

Yes, all bank format is ready and if any bank we don’t have just give us the format and we will do it for free.