FAQ Payroll

Is the system able to track increment history? All information is kept for unlimited years?

Yes. The unique of the system is we have career progression which tracks your history position, past salaries, past allowances, benefits, salary taken including even if you resign and rejoin the company again.

Salary auto adjust on pre-set adjustment date? Pro rate salary from effective date should the date is mod of a month?

Yes, click the checkbox for pro rate and the system will prorate your salary.

Auto computing non paid leave?

Yes, non pay leave is calculated by system base on their salary and formula the system will compute their rate. Employee can apply for non pay leave and subject to manager approval.

Export format to M2e?

Yes, all bank format is ready and if any bank we don’t have just give us the format and we will do it for free.

Any trial version for testing?

Trial is only given to serious customers after understanding our system and clients requirements.