Onsite Outright Purchase

Malaysia Payroll Outright Purchase is suitable for Enterprise which have about 500 employees to 5,000 employees.

With this package you can have your Malaysia HR System hosted at your own local HQ premise and deploy multi locations infrastructure.

What do Employees enjoy?

  • Apply and Manage own Leave
  • Mobility using Mobile Capabilities
  • Do it anytime and anywhere
  • Submit and manage own monthly claims
  • Check claim status via online & information accuracy
  • View or Print own Payslip and EA Form
  • Tracing of how Tax is calculated with PCB Formulas
  • Reduce risk of exposing printed payslip to other employees
  • View information all in a single company website or intranet

How do HR Admnistrator benefits?

  • Eliminate manual redundancy job
  • Let system do day to day HR processing
  • More exciting job function than just data entry
  • Eliminate risk of unrecorded system errors and regulatory non-compliance issues
  • Can focus 100% on Strategy and People Development
  • Can deliver more strategic and higher-end services to employees
  • Less additional checks and balances to ensure accuracy of every payroll

How does your organization benefit?

  • Better utilization of HR Personnel Skills
  • Moving towards a Human Capital Development organization
  • Continuous learning curve for employees
  • Towards a profit centered organization
  • Easy identification of employees skills and talents
  • Better cost control and tracing of payment information
  • Reduce manual and paper printing cost
  • Our system provide full details information of employees salary, claims, attendance and performance report.
  • Most of the administrative job like data entry, claim entitlement, leave application and status is done by employees, thus requires only checking by administrator.
  • Control mechanism like maximum claim control and maximum leave allowed are manage by system.
  • HR Administrator can spend more time on Human Capital Development and Training rather than manual data entry job.

We offer Six (6) core modules:

  1. E-HRIS
  2. E-Payroll / New Job costing for Manufacturing
  3. E-Leave
  4. E-Time Attendance
  5. E-Claims
  6. Employee Self Service (ESS)

Other Strategic Modules includes:

  1. E-Training Need Analysis
  2. E-Project Costing
  3. E-Recruitment
  4. E-Man Power Planning
  5. E-Performance Appraisals
  6. E- Succession Planning
  7. E-Training Management
  8. E-Industrial Relations
  9. E-Exit Interview

Free Modules

  1. Employee Exit Interview
  2. Employee Satisfactions Survey
  3. Company Survey & Unlimited Survey
  4. Employee Industrial Relation
  5. Corporate Dashboard
  6. Organization Chart
  7. Mobile HR

“We grow together with our customer towards a Human Capital development organization rather than just a conventional HR and Payroll processing company. “