E-Recruitment through a well-structured recruiting and selection process

e-Recruitment through an automated process from requisition to approval to interviews and onboarding of a new employee is all tracked within the HR processes.

  1. Request for Headcount go through budgeted check before hiring
  2. Plan for your recruitment 
  3. Do a proper assessment of the candidates.
  4. Evaluate to ensure you hire the right people 
  5. Create Offer Letter standard template 
  6. Welcome On Board to the new employee.

E-Interview process and forms collective benefits

  • Creates Standardized Interview forms
  • Reuse standard basic criteria for candidate search
  • Standardize interview procedure to hire the right candidates
  • SOP is monitored and uniformed
  • Unlocking the insight of each candidates through same sets of measurements

Tracking of entire Job Recruitment Cycle

  • Hiring – The brightest talent, at the lowest cost & the fastest speed
  • Firing – People who need their jobs, with the lowest compensation, with minimum reputation damage.
  • Developing – People in line with corporate direction
  • Motivating – People to do more with less
  • Coaching – Business Leaders and Managers who think they are experts
  • Rewarding – Talented Employees, for maximum retention and motivation

What is the process of recruitment?

  • Identify vacancy
  • Prepare job description and person specification
  • Advertising the vacancy
  • Managing the response
  • Short listing
  • Arrange interviews
  • Conducting interview and decision making

What is the information should be in an employee requisition form?

  • Is the position a new one or a replacement for an employee who has left.
  • The job designation
  • The job grade
  • Department and location
  • The salary range
  • When the position must be filled
  • Who is the hiring manager
  • The position description, including job description, competency and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Academic qualifications required for the job
  • Experience required
  • Specific skills that cannot be compromised
  • Any other specific requirements that is pertinent to the job
  • Internal sourcing or external sourcing
  • Newspaper recruitment or through recruitment agency or head hunter
  • Costs of recruitment
  • Relevant parties to verify and sign off the requisition.

What is selection method?

  • Application forms and CVs
  • Online screening and shortlisting
  • Interviews
  • Psychometric testing
  • Presentations
  • Group exercises
  • Assessment centers

What are the factors to consider in a selection interview plan?

  • Ensure all documents, forms and information are ready
  • Ensure clear understanding of the position description in question
  • A summary of candidates selected for interviews
  • Knowledge of company’s practices, terms and conditions of service
  • Tests and questionnaires
  • Schedules

Recruitment Analytics and Dashboard

Recruitment Analytics and Dashboard
Recruitment Analytics and Dashboard

Hiring Requisition

Hiring Requisition
Hiring Requisition

Hiring Evaluations

Hiring Evaluations
Hiring Evaluations