How does Smart360 differ from other 360?

How does Smart360 differ from other 360-Degree Feedback Systems?

Most 360-degree feedback systems use the same set of around 25 to 100 questions for ALL Rater Groups (e.g. Manager/s, Peers, Direct Reports, Customers). The problem with that is that from each Rater Group’s unique perspective (context), a certain portion/percentage of these questions will not be relevant, e.g. how well can a PEER answer questions about customer service (especially external customer service), or a CUSTOMER about teamwork?
Most systems try to overcome this problem by using very generic questions or competencies—to fit all Rater Groups—but with potentially equally generic and bland results.
The context-targeted technology of Smart360 enables highly targeted sets of questions/competencies for each individual Rater Group—covering its unique working relationship with the 360 appraisee. These Rater Groups can include, among others:

  • PEERS: Questions about teamwork (and related).
  • CUSTOMERS: Questions about customer service (and related).
  • MANAGER/S: Questions about the employee’s job competency and behaviors.
  • DIRECT REPORTS: Questions about the manager’s management style and practices.

Smart360 allows 20+ raters (no upper limit) per 360 appraisal. Below is an example of how these can be distributed in practice:

  • Peer feedback: 3 to 10 raters
  • Direct Report feedback: 3 to 10 raters
  • Line Manager feedback: 1 to 5 raters
  • Customer feedback: 3 to 20 raters