Management Dashboard

Provides HR Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in a snapshot

  • Real-time, analytical information presented in graphical format.
  • Assist management in making an informed business decision.
  • web-charts to analyze online real time HR information

Analyze your company in just a simple query or snapshots via web or mobile

  • Which company overstaff / understaff?
  • Analyze your overhead against the number of headcount
  • Analyze why high staff turnover

Overtime OT Control in a snapshot

  • Analyze your OT by company
  • Analyze to-date leave utilization by division
  • Total Sick leave Taken By Divisions Analysis

Analysis of information through HR analytics

  • Exit Reasons Analysis and decide what corrective actions to initiate
  • Budgeted HC Vs Actual Analysis to ensure adherence to agreed budgeted figures
  • Recruitment Effectiveness Analysis