SMB Version Appraisal System

SMB Version E-Appraisal System

SMB Version E-Appraisal System is custom made for SMB  Customers with existing Appraisal forms to be transformed into electronic forms for easy updating, tracking and compilation of all employees appraisal result.

“Appraisal Pricing start from RM 9,800 for 100 employees with training and implementation included.”


Compiled results will give a very good overview of the company staff strength and weakness with a distributed bell curve. You can easily identify performers and non performers for further training and coaching.appraisal_bellcurve

To control and manage all employee performance appraisal process, status, completion, sign off by department managers and keep track the entire process easily thru single page.


KPI and Forms Setup a simple as updating a Word Document

  • Customizable key performance indicator (KPI) setups
  • Support up to 3 appraiser or rater per employee performance appraisal
  • Support monthly, quarterly and yearly performance appraisal
  • Configurable performance weightage
  • Configurable reward and action plan. e.g. Bonus, Increment, PIP(Performance Improvement Plan)


Simple Forms updating via metered scale 1-5

Easy to understand for the users and easy visibility to all parties with the rating and Face to face discussion and correction with forms updated in real time.


End result with system generated binding Document to be signed off by all parties.