E-Training and Development

Train and Develop your Employee Skill to improve company’s Output

Training & Development Management tracks and ensures that every employee acquires the right skill and knowledge that is mandatory for their job functions. It involves getting the right trainer to impact and pass on this useful knowledge to the trainees.

Training & Development Management module has all the features to help the human resource department better manage the company’s training management.

eTraining Process with complete insight analysis of the cost effectiveness of training

  • A database of the courses available, course information, training provider (internal / external), etc.
  • Administration of training courses.
  • Administration of training evaluation from both trainer and trainee.
  • Administration of courses taken by the employees and the information is accessible through the ESS screen.
  • Profiling of trainers and training organizers and the maintenance of these profiles.
  • Administration of the training plan by managing the course schedule, number of trainees, training session times, the trainers themselves and the cost of the whole training process.
  • Maintaining trainee attendance for each session.
  • Ability of setting up compulsory course list for each of the staff category.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

  1. Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  2. Training Calendar Design by role, individual or groups
  3. Scheduling Engine helps organizational training schedules be planned and managed
  4. Learning Administration & Facilities Management
  5. Learning Attendance Tracker
  6. Forecast a Learning Budget and track expenses against budget
  7. Evaluation learning effectiveness with four levels of Learning Evaluation

Learning Calendar

Training Feedback Form