SMART 360 Degree Feedback

SMART 360 Degree Feedback Thinking outside the box with our world-first CONTEXT-TARGETED 360-Degree Feedback Software Technology.

  1. 360 Employee Self Insight
  2. 360  Employee Development
  3. 360  Leadership Development
  4. 360  Learning Needs Analysis
  5. 360  Team Building and Development
  6. 360  Training Assessment
  7. 360  Career Development
  8. 360  Succession Planning
  9. 360  Customer Feedback
  10. 360  Organizational Change

SMART 360 Degree Feedback Unique 360 Assessment System

Due to its unique design, the Smart360 System offers an unparalleled opportunity for employees to obtain targeted and high-quality feedback from Peers, Direct Reports, Managers and Customers (internal and/or external), with a view to improved working relationships, team synergy, job performance, and customer service.


SMART 360 Degree Feedback Key Features and Benefits:

  • Flexible, Simple and User-friendly
  • Accommodates 360 appraisals for ALL your employee levels
  • Use our (customizable) question/competency library
  • Rating at Competency level OR behavioral level.
  • Feedback from Internal AND external parties
  • Feedback gathered without the need to login
  • System generated email containing an embedded hyperlink
  • Easy monitoring of rater response —presented in real-time
  • Data kept securely and can be retrieve anytime for analysis
  • Graphical, Gap Analysis and Narrative Report
  • Smart360 asks raters to give narrative feedback to 360 appraisees on their STRENGTHS, to provide balanced feedback, and to encourage and tell appraisees what they should keep on doing (this is another important differentiators of Smart360).
  • Smart360 is a web-based (Software-as-a-Service / Cloud)

“The Smart360 system is FABULOUS! It was very easy to use. I loved how the raters did not need any training to access the questionnaires. Loved the reporting options (narrative, tabular, graphical)!!” Elise Bouchner The Training Source, LLC

Tabulated Report & Narrative Comments