360 Degree Feedback

Full web base 360 Degree Feedback System.  Includes training and Setting up all your 360 forms at no additional cost. You can start without any training, we can help you to setup entire system.

Perform the below with our 360 Feedback.

  • Employee Self-Insight (for personal attitude and behaviour change)
  • Employee Development and Coaching/Counselling
  • Leadership Development
  • Learning Needs Analysis
  • Team Building and Development
  • Training Workshop Pre- and Post Assessment
  • Organizational Change Interventions
  • Career Development
  • Succession Planning (identification of star performers)
  • Complementing Performance Appraisals
  • Customer Feedback

Our Smart 360 Feedback has a very simple pricing. We charge by the number of 360 UNITS for each appraisee(manager,CEO). Go to our contact page to request for a simple quotation.


View a sample Online 360 Degree Forms


View a sample 360 Tabular Reporting


We keep track of employee 360 histories and let you have a trending report of past and present insights.