Payroll Setup

Step 1: ePayroll Setting up of your Company information and Structure

  • Captures your Job Group or Company Structure
  • this is to help you to manage your reporting later base on your company setup structure

epayroll company setup

Step 2: Expand the details of your Job Group Setup

jobgroup details

Step 3: Payroll Setup calculation formula and payroll detail

payroll formula

Step 4: Allowance Setup, allowance code and description detail, allowance properties setup

allowances setup

Step 5: Deduction Setup, deduction code and description detail, deduction properties

deduction setup

Step 6: Overtime Setup, overtime description and overtime properties setup

OT setup

Step 7: Unit Rate Setup

unit rate setup

Step 8: Additional Pay Setup

additional pay setup

Step 9: Additional Deduction

additonal deduction

Payroll Summary Setup

Payroll Setup