Malaysia E-Payroll Management Software

Malaysia E-Payroll Management Software Processing and E-Calculator Compliant System

Malaysia E-Payroll Management Software supports every aspect of the payroll calculation cycle. This includes hiring, confirmation, increment, rehiring, internal confirmation and employee’s progression details.

Print payslips or email payslips. System generates all company and statutory government reports. Handle payroll without month end or year end closing.

Monthly Payroll Overview

ePayroll Features

  • Multi Company, Multi Currency, Multi Bank and Payment Mode
  • Unlimited Employee Master, Salary Group
  • Salary Scale and Payment Group
  • No month end no year end clasing
  • Event base career progression
  • Definable overtime formulas, fixed allowances & deductions and auto NPL rate
  • Definable EPF, SOCSO and trace calculation on PCB tax formulas
  • Dynamic Salary Input, automatic Prorate and comprehensive audit trail
  • Dynamic Security Access Control and personalized email reminder
  • Real time employee data and status update
  • Dynamic Reporting and Complete Management and Government reports
  • Statistical Charts and Graphs
  • Consolidation of report of multi companies into single reporting

Payroll Registry Filters and Management View

DNA Pay Register Filter

Payroll Registry Excel Download Report

DNA Payroll Registry Report

E-Payroll System Setup and Configurations

Payroll Setup Details – click here for more informations

  • Process Salary
  • Salary Batch Entry
  • Data Migration
  • Employee Conversion
  • Allowance update
  • Employee Statutory Setup
  • Salary Setup
  • Individual Custom Rate Setup
  • Salary Entry Remarks Setup
  • Bank & Split Payment Setup
  • Fixed Allowance/Deduction
  • Auto Bank
  • Benefit Repayment Setup
  • Gratuity Setup
  • Service Point Setup
  • Salary Arrears Setup
  • Reminder
  • Work in Progress Setup
  • Process Bonus
  • Process Arrears
  • Payment Group Setup
  • Allowance & Deduction Setup
  • Allowance & Deduction Group
  • Overtime Group
  • Unit Rate Setup
  • Other Setup
  • Bank Setup
  • NPL Group
  • Additional Pay And Deduction Setup
  • EPF & SOCSO & PCB Formula Setup
  • Government Report Setup
  • Statutory Form and Branch Setup

DNA Monthly Income Tax Statement

DNA Monthly Income Tax Statement

EPayroll FAQ

I have a payroll calculation issue where my PCB calculation does not match the E-Calculator on IRB website. What should I do?

If you are facing a calculation issue, don’t panic. Screen capture your calculation from the web and show us the calculation on your screen. Email to use and we will check for you what went wrong. Likely is your setting up of your system, missing information to be updated to the system or your personal deduction relieve is not fully understand and updated by you.

Is ePayroll easy to use?

After you have setup correctly everything is process monthly according to your settings. Few clicks and you can start updating additional details like OT, unpaid leave, additional allowance etc. All calculation is automatic and pro rated if you have new join.

How good is your support?

We have dedicated support personnel on a fixed number to be call during office hours. We can support you through the web and phone or email instructions. We will give priority for payroll issues as and when it arise.

Can  process my Payroll using any devices?

Yes, do it at your own home, office or anywhere using any device. Mobile we have mobile application where you download the mobile apps from our store.

I have limited Payroll knowledge ?

No worry, If you are unsure what are the latest statutory updates or worry whether you are compliant to the government rules and regulations, contact our support team. We also do periodic updates on any new updates from government.