HR Analyzer

HR Analyzer built in as part of HR system

we have built in HR Analyzer for creating new charts using different database cubes. This is not a 3rd party tools, it is pre built in to the system and ready to be use for analyzing.

We have prebuilt cubes and user request customize cube

Data NameData Description
Performance Goal by EmployeesPerformance Goal by Employees
On Board Count By pivot
Employee Request Comparsion
Request Details by Module
Loan RegisterLoan Register Query
Employee ListEmployee List
Provident Fund StatemnetProvident Fund Statement
BankTransfer AdviceBankTransfer Advice
Profession Tax and DetailsProfession Tax and Details
Employee Performance RangeEmployee Performance Range
Top 10 Competencies with highest gapsThis data schema has which competency has more no of employee has gap in any level
Average Performance RatingThis Data container performance rating of last year
Master vs ActualMaster vs Actual
Gross to Gross Analysis EmployeeGross – Gross Report -2
Employee Loan DetailDetail information about employee loan
Loan Summary Report-1Loan Summary Report-1
Reimbursement Claim ReportReimbursement Claim Report
ProfessionTaxTax and Summary Details
Time to Accept (TTA)Time to Accept (TTA)
Candidate by SourceCandidate by Source
Hiring Cycle TimeHiring Cycle Time
Top PerformersTop Performers
Employee Voluntary / In- Voluntary TerminationEmployee Voluntary / In- Voluntary Termination
Employee Volunatary Terminationvoluntary Termination Rate= sum of employee( EmploymentStatus Not in(Resign,Retirement”)) / sum of employee(EmployeeActiveStatus > 1)*100
Employee Involuntary Termination`Involuntary Termination Rate= sum of employee( EmploymentStatus in(‘Removed’,’Resigned’)) / sum of employee(EmployeeActiveStatus > 1)*100
Employee CourseEmployee Course
HR Professional to EmployesHR Count/ Total Emp
Employee Position GradePosition Grade
Employee Avg Service YearEmployee Avg Service Year
Voluntary Termination By Reason CodeVoluntary Termination By Reason Code
Employees Eligible for RetirementEmployees Eligible for Retirement  in next 5 yrs
Employee RequestEmployee Request
Billable hours per employeeBillable hours per employee


Employee AgeSum of Employee Age where EmployeeActiveStatus=1
Employee Group AgeEmployee Group Age
Employee Service YearEmployee Service Year