HR Implementation

HR Project Implementation

We follow predefined process for implementation. We have all the ready template to gather requirement as well as populate your data into our new system.

Each modules is carefully setup base on users requirement and refine later to details. Our implementation includes

  • Migration of you employee data and salary information
  • Data Migration of your old past year data if needed using tools and customizing programs to do field mapping as well as data clean up
  • ePayroll Setup, step by step guide to gather your requirements
  • eLeave Setup, getting your up to date current balance and setting up cut off dates to cut over to new system
  • eTime Attendance Setup, configuring the software to talk to your time clock data and retaining information needed for time attendance to process
  • eClaim Setup, configure your entitlement base on Group and criteria policies of the claim types
  • Project Manager with more than 15 years of experience in HR field to manage your project
  • Dedicated support team on Phone call and Online via Desktop teamviewer support
  • Procedure to train users on Data and Application Backups
  • Monthly submission and necessary tasks to be process on a monthly basis
  • Consultancies on HR matters
  • Studying of integration customization if needed to integrate to others systems like financial etc
  • Ensure proper testing, parallel run and accuracy of you HR processing
  • Proper handover to HR team
  • Train the trainer approach on knowledge transfer of the system

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