Control Employee Claims with given entitlement and GST ready submission

The Claims Management module supports unlimited claims type in the system. Each claim will be automatically routed to the right superior for approval by defining the workflow approval process and procedure.

Each claim type has its entitlement condition which can be set-up as part of the company policy in the system. Claim submission record will be cross-checked against the entitlement fulfillment before it is routed for approval.

This will ensure the claim comply with company policy before routing for approval process. It will also eliminate human errors during submission.

You can now do your Claim on your mobile. Open the apps, key in the amount and details and snap a photo to submit the claims.

Benefits of using eClaims to manage company expenses

  • Flexibility to allow user to define all types of claims.
  • Claims can be charged to Product / Cost Center for cost tracking purposes.
  • Comprehensive reporting on total claims made per month, quarter, and yearly by employee or organization unit level.
  • Flexibility to allow employees to submit multiple types of claim items in one claim submission.
  • Claims submission and status of claims can be executed through employee smart phone.
  • User-definable workflow control on approval process for each employee claim.
  • Approved claims will be channeled to Payroll Module for payout as part of staff salary or channeled to the Finance Department for claims payout separately.
  • Combination of claims entitlement amount.
  • Ability to link travel claims with approved travel requests to check authenticity of claims.