Data Migration

Data Migration Services

We provide full know how of data migration services to our customers. Not all the vendors would understand how difficult and challenging data migration tasks can be. We have our expert engineers and know how on doing data migration services. few items below clients need to take not why not many vendor can do data migration services.

Challenges in Data Migration

Traditionally in HR implementations, the customer is asked to provide data in a particular format. Many organizations find themselves to be in deep trouble because of the complex nature of the data requirements of the HR and the non availability of data in their current/ legacy applications. This leads to many questions like:

  • How HR team can prepare data for New System?
  • Where do HR team find the data to load into New System?
  • What is the state of that data?
  • What is the process to get trusted data exported to New System?

Clients end up spending about 50% of the effort cleansing bad data

Our Approach Process & Procedure

The Process Flow

  • By involving the business users’ right during the initial phases
  • Start data migration at early stage to ensure data are available
  • By giving insights to the implementation team in the mapping of AS IS and TO BE processes.
  • By having robust data profiling reports 
  • By ensuring good filtering process thereby ensuring no bad data load into HR.

The Results

  • Zero Data Loss
  • Maintain Data integrity and consistency
  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • High Enriched, optimized and cleansed data

Data Conversion Steps

  1. Data Profiling
  2. Mapping
  3. Conversion
  4. Data Validations
  5. Cutover planning
  6. Loading
  7. Reconciliation
  8. Error Processing

Conversion Process in Business Data

  1. Data Purging(not use transactions) and Cleansing (not consistent  data)
  2. Mapping and conversion rules
  3. Extract and Load Programs from rules
  4. Data and Rules Adaptation (adjusting rules and programs following testing)
  5. Load Unit Testing (small volume of manual data)
  6. Extract and Load Full size testing (large volume with real extracted data)
  7. Full data loading into ACCEPTANCE SYSTEM
  8. Full data loading into PRE PRODUCTION SYSTEM
  9. Validation of converted data and Key User + Business Objects Owner Signoff
  10. Full conversion into PRODUCTION SYSTEM and final Signoff