Self Service Portal (ESS)

Employee Self Manage their own tasks and responsibilities

Employee Self Service enables employee to do their own Leave Balance Checking, Apply for Leave, Manage Claims and Submit Claims online with scanned Receipts.

View or Print own Payslip anytime anywhere.

  • Allow employees to initiate changes on:
    • Personal particulars
    • Emergency Contact
  • Allow manager to view their subordinates personal detail, Information , work records, leave balances & etc
  • Allow employees to view on company policy, rules and regulations
  • Inform staff of approval/ salary payment status electronically
  • Ability to allow employees to print pay slip, EA, etc through their own workstation
  • Manage own Leave Application
  • Manage own claims and monthly claims submission

Benefits of Employee Self Service

  • Reduce HR Administrative work
  • HR Administrator can focus more on Human Capital Developement
  • Improve HR work processes as most tasks is escalated via email and system workflow
  • Better control on Employee claims, system will determine the maximum claim with/without receipts
  • Better understanding of Employee claims expenses and company expenditure
  • Better Security as Employee manage their own payslip rather than hardcopy laying around the office desk

Employee Self Service