Talentoz Performance Appraisal 

KPI Real Time Goals and Performance Tracking

Talentoz Performance Appraisal automates Performance Review, productivity, development of core competence and bottom line results.

  1. Accommodates Performance Measures such as Goals, Objectives, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Competencies, and Values.
  2. Performance Cycle : 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12-monthly performance appraisals, as well as employee anniversary-based.
  3. Handles from 100 to 5,000 employees, covering all staff and managerial levels, at multiple locations.
  4. Provides recording and audit trail of ACTUAL versus REQUIRED performance expectations and standards.
  5. Operated on your own On Cloud
  6. No need for formal training or IT help, no servers to maintenance, and no software to install


Manager Direct Report Dashboard

Manager can track, monitor, view completed, not completed, sign off and not sign off appraisal. From time to time manager can also do ad hoc appraisal to manage their direct reports for performance. We allow users to update their performance record to the system so that performance can be reviewed at the end of the year during the appraisal process.

Employee Goal Dashboard

Online Appraisal Form

Appraisal Continuous feedback process


These rating key is from N/A, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The description or usage is user definable.

Generic Rating Key 1

5 Consistently Exceeding Expectations – reflects performance that is consistently exceptional on a continuing basis.
4 Frequently Exceeding Expectations – reflects performance that exceeds expectations on an intermittent but frequent basis.
3 Fully Meeting Expectations – reflects steady, competent performance (100% level).
2 Frequently Below Expectations – reflects performance that is regularly not meeting established standards.
1 Consistently Below Expectations – reflects performance that is consistently not meeting established standards.

Generic Rating Key 2

5 Significantly Above Target/Standard (i.e. exceptional)
4 Above Target/Standard
3 On Target/Standard (may include slight deviations plus or minus)
2 Below Target/Standard
1 Significantly Below Target/Standard (i.e. unacceptable)

 All Performance measures in single form

KPI Weight Calculator
No Objectives / KPI’s / Competencies WEIGHTS
1 KPI 20
2 KPI 15
3 KPI 0
4 KPI 0
5 KPI 10
6 Objective 5
7 Objective 13
8 Objective 6
9 Objective 8
10 Objective 5
11 Competency 5
12 Competency 8
13 Competency 5
14 Competency 0
15 Competency 0
Total 100