Malaysia E-Time Attendance System

Time Attendance for Factory, manufacturing, large enterprise organizations

Malaysia E-Time Attendance System is develop to Integrate Information with your Time Clock Hardware. You will get real time data from your door access with our Smart Engine protocol.

Multi branches is not a problem, sit back on your PC and we deliver your Employee attendance right to you via our SMART ENGINE which Automatically import data. There is no need to upload or download any manual data.

eTime attendance Key Features includes:

  • In / Out Time Display
  • Automatic Overtime Calculation
  • Actual, Approve, Apply Overtime Display
  • Link to Overtime Application Module
  • User Define Approve Overtime Hour
  • Days Type with Color Display
  • Lateness & Leave Early Color Indicator
  • Leave Up-date – Link to E-Leave
  • User Definable Day Type (Pay Rate)
  • Monthly Worked Hours Information
  • Special Shift Code Setting
  • User Define Cut-off days with Cross Month Display
  • Unlimited Card Swiping Record Display

eTime Attendance Module Features

  • Unlimited Section Shift Creation
  • Special Shift Code Setting for Long Hours Work, Call Back OT, Convert Lunch Hour to OT, Break Shift Setting
  • Interval Overtime Rate Setting
  • Attendance Capture by Shift Pattern, Duty Roaster, Shift Code & Job Code
  • Auto Polling (Set time on data collection)
  • E-mail Alert for Lateness, Early Out, Overtime, Un-complete Attendance swiping, Absentee, Workforce Analysis & etc.
  • User Define Shift / Work Group Working Hours
  • User Define Overtime Set-up / Rounding
  • User Define Lateness Set-up / Rounding
  • Unlimited User Define Conditions Allowances / Incentive.
  • Reports. – Daily Attendance Report, Allowance Report, Absenteeism Report, Overtime Report
  • Integration with E-Leave Module
  • Integration with Payroll Module

Web Check In

Check in through Company Network via web

Mobile Check IN

Mobile Check In/Out via Geo Locations

Track Check In / Out GPS Locations for mobile employees

eTime Attendance Setup – click for details

eTime Attendance Cross Day Setup

Time Attendance Cross Day Policy

Malaysia various Time clock Integration


eTime Attendance FAQ

I have time clock, can you integrate ?

Yes, we can integrate to most of the time clock in the market. We pick up your csv file, database file or txt file.

Do I need to manually upload data ?

NO, you don’t need to do manual data upload. We will install a software call Smart Engine and it will automatically retrieve data from your attendance source file and send the data to our TMS software.

Can I view my staff lateness

Yes, you can view you staff lateness from anywhere with internet access. Access everyday employee lateness report from anywhere.

Can OT be calculated automatically?

Yes, we can do rounding to your working out. Setup policies on minimum hours to be considered OT. Identify which OT rates category the employee work.

Can you capture call back OT?

Yes, assign the code to the system for call back OT and employee can apply for Call back OT.

Can you manage 2 Shift in a day for emergency work?

Yes, only using our TMS we can do setup for 2 working shift in a day.

Flexible working hour or Flexi hour

Let us know, we will advise you how flexi hours can be captured and managed

Do I need to check on employee no turn up to their leave?

No need manual job, Our Time Attendance is link to your E-Leave and system will flag employees absent without leave.