Payroll Monthly Submission

Payroll Monthly Submissions and Government Statutory Compliance

We need to follow and comply to all the government statutory procedures and process.

malaysia government compliance

Startup for Payroll / Human Resource

  1. EPF Account Application
  2. e-PCB Account Application
  3. SOCSO Account Application
  4. One time payroll setup
  5. One time bank setup fee
  6. Monthly Payroll Processing Services – preparation of payroll report, payslip and EPF/SOCSO/PCB form
  7. Monthly Salary Payment Services
  8. Monthly EPF, SOCSO, PCB Payment Submission
  9. Preparation Of Form E
  10. Preparation Of Form EA
  11. Preparation Of CP21 *
  12. HRDF Assessment and/or Account Registration

HR Reference Site

  • Ministry of Human Resources –
  • MIHRM | Malaysian Institute of Human Resource …
  • HR Certification Programmes | TalentCorp Malaysia
  • MAHRC – Malaysian Association of Human Resource
  • MOHR-ICT Industry Lead
  • Selangor Human Resource Development
  • Ministry of Human
  • UPR –