Exit Interview

Understand why employees leave your organization

Exit Interview is an important process for companies to gather information regarding work environment, day-to-day job concerns, managerial style, workplace ethics, employee morale, employment issues such as vacation time and pay, health benefits, pensions and fringe benefits.

It helps companies to correct their weakness and strengthen the companies. It also helps companies to understand how best to satisfy and retain an employee. Besides, it also assists companies to uncover/monitor issues that can be addressed before they turn into lawsuits, such as harassment, discrimination and workplace violence.

exit interview
exit interview


Setting Up the Right Questionnaires to understand the insights

  • Flexibility to setup exit interview questionnaire with different question’s type – multiple input, multiple selection and single selection.
  • Support multiple exit interview questionnaire templates for different group of employees.
  • Exit Interview arrangement through online – sending invitation and questionnaire gathering.
  • Streamline the Exit Interview process via ESS and Web chart module.