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Swagelok Malaysia embraces Mobile HR and HR Digitization Era

Swagelok Malaysia embraces HR Digitization Era

Swagelok Malaysia base in USJ Taman Perindustrian UEP has just come on board with us using our eRecruitment Management, Performance Appraisals, eTraining Management to manage their entire workforce Training needs.

Finance Department on the other hand is using our eClaims for 2 different companies under their group for all their client projects. This enable them to effective manage their claims better and control their cost to the company.

Swagelok product is sold in 92 countries worldwide and is a global conglomerate that has strong footprint all over the world with their superior products. We are happy that Swagelok Malaysia has come on board with us to utilize the latest technology to digitize their HR processes and embrace their employees to a mobile era.

Launching of HR Digitization Swagelok Malaysia

Our solution will significantly improve Employee Morale for easy access to informations and more engage with the HR Team. This will then enable HR Team to understand more on their employees needs and development.

Swagelok Malaysia spends heavily in employee training and believes training is part of their culture. Our Training needs analysis module will help HR team to identify these needs more easily.