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Are you an SMI or SME ?

HR for SMI & SME

Would like to have a hassle free solutions for your Human Resource (HR) we recommend you to use our Online Hosting Plan.

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Why should I use hosting, isn’t it better for me to install in my office?

Hosting plan gives you the flexibility to start at a very low cost as the initial hardware server cost and software like SQL database, firewall and backup facilities are all NOT NEEDED.

This gives you the advantage of paying only a fraction of total cost on the software as the cost of the software is spread-out over a period of time.

Now, is it safe to actually host your information on the cloud?

The answer is absolutely a yes because your data information is stored in the most secured Data Center facilities. Most of the data center has high level of security physically onsite and security against web threat. Is definitely safer than you host on your own.

How about support, where do I get support and how good is your support?

Support is easy, you call us or email and we can immediately check what’s your problem online. No need for travelling to your office or access your server. Having your server open for a remote connection expose you to temporary Security hacks if you are not careful. Using hosting you do not open any of your information to the outside world.

Do I need to pay for maintenance fee to get support and product upgrades?

When you sign up for hosting you automatically get free product upgrades and online or email support is given free to you. Best of all, you do not need us to go onsite because you don’t have to manage any servers or computer.

Do I need to be technical to manage the system?

No, all your backup and security is all taken care by us and we have strict rules to secure your Data. Your database is backup base on our Backup procedure and are highly secured.

You have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or leave us a message below.