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HR Solution for Enterprise

HR Solution for Organization with Multi Location Operation

If you are running a multi location business like F&B, Retailing, Hotels, with employees from all over the places in different countries and different states, using Mobile Solution may be your answer.

  • Tracks your employee attendance to work
  • monitors and track onsite services
  • communicating directly with your employees
  • checking of duty roasters
  • Analysis of your workforce
Talentoz Customer

We have done it for many of the customers with multi locations branches but with small headcount in each branches. Installing a time clock machine to keep track of their attendance is an Expensive Cost.

Solution to High Cost in hardware

  • Setting up the mobile GPS location of your workplace and employees can clock in through mobile with 50 meters radius
  • Supervisor Batch clock in for employees
  • Off site to client location for job/support with approvals workflow to direct reports
  • Tracking of OT, lateness, absent via Mobile in real time
  • HR Administrator can directly call up employees for absenteeism
  • Conventional Method of Tracking of 30 locations with each time clock costing RM 2,500, total cost of infrastructure tracking can cost up to  RM 75,000.
  • Cost of mobile is Zero as most employees would have a mobile with them or supervisor can manage the clock in to work.

Mobile Apps with Notifications and workflow processes

   gps tracking

Other Solution

  • Job costing for Payroll to calculate your split cost or salary by project, by location or by parameters sets by your organizations
  • This is to accurately apportion the Salary into the correct project or claim back from

Analysis Reporting



Mobile is changing HR in enterprises

Mobile Workforce

Typical workforce is far less desk bound than previously, with many employees now working from home. Greater focus on employee engagement is starting to carve a niche for itself with mobile apps.

HR experts mobilising and streamlining some of their daily activities, employees can work more efficiently, increasing productivity. Businesses continue to adopt apps to help them recruit, develop and engage employees. These apps can help across a whole host of enterprise departments, from payslips to travel and even engaging with freelancers and contractors.

mobile apps

Recruitment on mobile

For instance, in the recruitment process, apps allow potential employees to assess and test their own skills before they are even shortlisted. They make them aware of their suitability for roles in their skills to apply for these roles.

Training on mobile

Training apps in particular are proving successful, as the multimedia nature of tablets render well to training videos, while an app can help companies track an employee’s completion progress on a given training program.


“Gamification”, make things like training into a game, adding a fun element. The training apps can be used for higher engagement with learning materials, ensuring that they expand their knowledge and take a greater interest in learning

Salary Payroll

HR departments are also benefiting from apps that allow employees to track payrolls and benefits.  Valuable time is saved by not having to fill out lengthy administration paperwork and payslips for those in the HR department, and it also allows for less discrepancies, as employees are able to track their own payslips, which can be pulled up immediately by them in the case of an issue.

Time Off

Allow employees to request time off work, where availability and request processes can be tracked, without HR departments having to manually log this information or spend time deciphering whether the leave can be granted.

Mobile Workforce in Mobile Apps

Workforce Apps on Mobile

Workforce applications (apps) allow your employees, especially remote workers and mobile workers, to access your organization’s systems, such as time and attendance, scheduling, and shift management. Workforce apps are becoming more popular and are growing in demand, as millennials enter the workforce and expect to have access to technology for their work lives

mobile workforce

Organizations stay connected to their mobile workforce and remote workers, in particular, with workforce apps and mobile devices. This means that workforce apps have an important place in companies.

Web Clock In

There are several types of workforce apps available today, and some organizations are creating their own apps and their own enterprise app stores for their employees.

web clock

Real time Field Information

Gather real-time location of field resources and enables organizations to make better decisions in terms of scheduling and planning resources, plus give early warnings for late arrivals and other related issues that affect the decision-making process

gps tracking

apps provide timesheet capabilities with features that include logging activities and work throughout the day

The Benefits of Mobile Workforce Apps

Collaboration and communication from anywhere at any time, and they keep workers connected to the organization.

benefit of mobile apps

mobile timesheet