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HR Solution for Enterprise

HR Solution for Organization with Multi Location Operation

If you are running a multi location business like F&B, Retailing, Hotels, with employees from all over the places in different countries and different states, using Mobile Solution may be your answer.

  • Tracks your employee attendance to work
  • monitors and track onsite services
  • communicating directly with your employees
  • checking of duty roasters
  • Analysis of your workforce
Talentoz Customer

We have done it for many of the customers with multi locations branches but with small headcount in each branches. Installing a time clock machine to keep track of their attendance is an Expensive Cost.

Solution to High Cost in hardware

  • Setting up the mobile GPS location of your workplace and employees can clock in through mobile with 50 meters radius
  • Supervisor Batch clock in for employees
  • Off site to client location for job/support with approvals workflow to direct reports
  • Tracking of OT, lateness, absent via Mobile in real time
  • HR Administrator can directly call up employees for absenteeism
  • Conventional Method of Tracking of 30 locations with each time clock costing RM 2,500, total cost of infrastructure tracking can cost up to  RM 75,000.
  • Cost of mobile is Zero as most employees would have a mobile with them or supervisor can manage the clock in to work.

Mobile Apps with Notifications and workflow processes

   gps tracking

Other Solution

  • Job costing for Payroll to calculate your split cost or salary by project, by location or by parameters sets by your organizations
  • This is to accurately apportion the Salary into the correct project or claim back from

Analysis Reporting