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Football Malaysia transformation to Mobile HR

We are please to have our latest addition Football Malaysia transformation to Mobile HR using our operational module. HR, Payroll, eLeave, eTime Attendance with time clock integration and eClaims module.

About Football Malaysia

Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP) was created with the aim to privatize the Malaysian professional football leagues. FMLLP operates and manages 5 entities which includes Liga Super, Liga Premier, Piala FA, Piala Malaysia and the Piala Sumbangsih.

With the vision to make football a pride of the nation once again, FMLLP’s efforts to transform Malaysian football is centered around 4 key pillars; competitive matches in all competitions, positive commercial growth, strong partnerships with stakeholders and increasing professionalism as well as integrity in team and league management.

HR Solutions

Our HR solution will enable Football Malaysia to utilize mobile technology to Apply Leave, Claims, Approve leave, claims, Check In for work, check out for work, run payroll, check attendance and all other HR functions with ease.

With mobile technology and full web system, Football Malaysia will definitely save time in managing their day to day HR functions.