Moving to the Cloud

Find The Right Public Cloud Provider

You need to find the right cloud provider. There’s the saying that “the customer is always right but not every customer is the right one.” This is spot-on for cloud. Each cloud provider has something unique and valuable to your organization, but you can actually make a WRONG choice given your needs.

cloud computing

Enable Best Practices in the Cloud

  • Automation. You can radically reduce the human cost of IT if you take advantage of this core concept. Provisioning, deployment, updates, scaling, and scheduled maintenance can all be automated
  • Self service. Empower users to be creative and build solutions in an approved, compliant way. This approach will help you be more responsive to changes in your company or industry.

Common Misconceptions: Cloud Computing is complicated

  • If you approach the cloud by looking at the individual services that are available it actually gets pretty simple
  • Many of the same services that you provide today are available in the cloud in an easy to adopt format, things like e-mail, file shares etc. are often less complicated than what you are doing on premise Cloud Computing is an all or nothing game
  • Executed properly, you can choose what you put in the cloud and what you keep on premise, you will not need to move everything and can move what you want to when it makes the most sense
  • A good cloud adoption plan makes use of existing on premise resources and allows you to or to take advantage of your existing resources, look for cloud services that easily integrate with your existing systems and security models.

Adopting Cloud Computing will mean a big change to my environment and will be difficult for my people to get used to

  • If you have worked out the security and networking properly, your people should not notice a difference in how they access basic services when you move them to the cloud
  • Adding new services in the cloud can also be done in a way that integrates with your on premise passwords and existing desktop environment

What companies need to know when selecting a cloud provider based on questions such as:

  • How flexible is their Cloud?
  • What is the pricing structure?
  • What level of support can I expect?
  • What can you tell me about your data center?
  • How secure is your Cloud?