What does Employee Self Service do?

Employee Self Service in HR

Employee Self Service enables employee to do their own Leave Checking, Apply for Leave, view payslip, view EA, own Tax calculation, update own personal details and many other functions.

Other Self Service include updating of Personal Particulars, apply for replacement leave, Submit for claims, apply for training, travel request and many other HR functions that could be delegated to the employees themselves.

Employee Self Service

Why use Self Service?

All non HR essential tasks is delegated directly back to employees themselves and not burden the HR Administrator

Can employee update their own info?

Yes, you let your employee update their own family details and particulars pending approval from the HR administrator to check through and automatically updated to the system

Employee ask about their tax deductions

HR Administrator can now safe their time by letting their employee know that their income tax trail calculation is calculated base on E-Calculator from IRB and the trail calculation is generated in our HR system. Can do self service and view the calculations

What type of ESS can employees do?

View payslip, EA, leave balance, leave taken, cancel leave or request additional leave, submit claims, view claims, update own particulars and check own lateness or attendance record

What if my employee does not know how to use PC ?

We have customer with 400 foreign workers after step by step training menu on a fixed station computer, they all know how to apply leave

I still want printed payslip for factory workers

No problem, you can enable printing for factory workers salary slip as you normally do and enable ESS payslip view for your office management staff. All flexible depending on your needs

For more information please go to https://www.dnamalaysia.com/self-service-portal-ess/


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