E-Leave Commonly Asked Questions

eLeave Common Questions and Solutions

ELeave enable organization to calculate employee leave and at the same time comply to the basic EA laws.  Common questions administrator will consider like below and our answers to you.

eleave tracking

I got many different locations

No problem, you can set different locations to be managed by different HR Administrator, use different calendar for different country or state, set different policies base on the country or state ruling.

Can I view my staff calendar?

Yes, as a manager you can view your team leave calendar and approve or reject leave application base on your manpower management.

How do I know my leave is approve?

Every new application, system will auto send email notifications for every actions. Approve or reject employee and manager will be notified of the actions.  via mobile and email notifications.

Can I adjust employee leave balance?

You can either ask your staff to apply for additional leave if there is special occasion or job that has been performed via Self Service or administrator can adjust additional leave for all staff base on company policies.

When approver not around what happen?

If approver does not take action after certain days, the application will be routed to next level or direct to HR administrator. Or you can assign a substitute approver to temporary approve leave on behalf

Leave not approve yet but staff didn’t turn up to work

You have to check whether manager did not approve on time or leave is rejected but staff took leave anyway. This will be company policy to de dealt with.

Can your eLeave integrate to our HR/payroll System

No, we cannot integrate directly but we can import your HR Personnel excel file to populate the data into the new eLeave system. Administrator will have to update the system every-time there is a new join or resigned staff.

Is there report for Non pay leave and other reports

we have reports for you to pump to your payroll system to calculate for non pay leave. other reports details please check out our eLeave module information.

For more information please visit https://www.dnamalaysia.com/e-leave/


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