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vantage energy adopts eclaims


vantage energy
vantage energy

Vantage Energy Group is a group of Malaysian company which was established in 2011, specializing in solutions to maintain, restore, and enhance production using various technologies and innovative equipment designs for applications ranging from Produced Water Polishing, De-Bottlenecking, Well Clean-up, De-Sanding & Production Enhancement.

In order to help employees better manage their claim process and accurately and timely process the claims, Vantage Energy decided to adopt to E-Claims management system to help streamline the claims process. this is to save time and make the claims process faster via online and mobile eclaims.

We are very glad to have Vantage Energy group to join our family to use E-Claims to streamline their processes and also our Operational modules which Include HR, Payroll, Leave and Time attendance to fully automate the entire HR processes.

We provides HR system to help our clients to better manage their HR processes and streamline the bottle necks of HR flow that makes HR a difficult task. We are able to provide multiple stream of channel to make the approval and integration process fast and easy.