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Football Malaysia transformation to Mobile HR

We are please to have our latest addition Football Malaysia transformation to Mobile HR using our operational module. HR, Payroll, eLeave, eTime Attendance with time clock integration and eClaims module.

About Football Malaysia

Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP) was created with the aim to privatize the Malaysian professional football leagues. FMLLP operates and manages 5 entities which includes Liga Super, Liga Premier, Piala FA, Piala Malaysia and the Piala Sumbangsih.

With the vision to make football a pride of the nation once again, FMLLP’s efforts to transform Malaysian football is centered around 4 key pillars; competitive matches in all competitions, positive commercial growth, strong partnerships with stakeholders and increasing professionalism as well as integrity in team and league management.

HR Solutions

Our HR solution will enable Football Malaysia to utilize mobile technology to Apply Leave, Claims, Approve leave, claims, Check In for work, check out for work, run payroll, check attendance and all other HR functions with ease.

With mobile technology and full web system, Football Malaysia will definitely save time in managing their day to day HR functions.

Astra Group of Companies adopts Mobile HR adopts Mobile HR

We are please to have our latest customer trusting us adopting to our full web base HR system to run their entire HR operation across all their subsidiaries and operations.

Bateriku is the market leader is distributing Batteries  and delivering vehicle batteries directly to dealer stockist and end user right to their door steps.

we are eager to work with bateriku team to implement our HR System to the team to smoothen their HR processes and better manage their employees at multiple sites tracking lateness, underwork which is very significant control point for bateriku HR team.

This is our HR Champion Encik Husni that is going to use our system to modernize their internal process. We will deliver all our operation modules which includes HR, Payroll, eLeave, Attendance, Claims and Mobile HR.

Services that Bateriku provides as below:

“ provides a great value of on-site car delivery and installation services with just a phone call away or WhatsApp. We will come to your place or location immediately to rescue. This kind of services is needed by anyone, especially those who are less knowledgeable about batteries and car problems. You just have to relax and wait for our crews to come and run their service.

We do not immediately change your battery. We will do thorough check to identify the problem. It is free of charge. Thus you can save your money from being wasted on unnecessary things. If you need to change, you just pay the price of the battery. It is convenient and very profitable as we also provide a floating battery should your existing is at weak state and requires our further inspection at our office. This is where you have an option to consult us should your foreman tells you that the battery has to be changed.

We provide a variety of types of batteries – wet and maintenance-free and from almost all popular brands of high-quality to suit the specifications of your car. Batteries are guaranteed to be at lowest prices in the market, much cheaper than you can find at your workshop or spare-part shops, plus a basic 12 months warranty.

With you will definitely save your time, your money and your own personal safety.”


Super K Services Sdn Bhd implements Mobile Time Attendance

Super K Services Sdn Bhd implements Mobile Time Attendance

We are please to welcome Super K Services Sdn Bhd adapting to technology to enable their mobile workers to track their Attendance through our cloud services.

Superkleen Services Company, a full service cleaning and Maintenance Company offering a wide variety of services including:-

• Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
• All type of floor polishing
• Contract building maintenance
• Home cleaning

All cleaning and maintenance staff are trained professionals. Service is provided seven days a week at hours that correspond with your needs. Our rates are comparable to or lower than those of other companies and we provide on site supervision of the cleaning staff at no extra charge to you.

Attendance Mobile Check In /  Out

Supervisor will manage subordinate Check In and Out time at each of the cleaning sites through mobile

Attendance Data will be send back to HQ in real time

Employee Attendance Analysis

We also help Super Kleen Services Sdn Bhd to manage their employee payroll and eLeave management. Enable all their mobile employees to enjoy the transformation of a digital HR workforce.

Lee’s Frozen Food Sdn Bhd implements Web Time Attendance

Lee’s Frozen Food Sdn Bhd Implements Web Time Attendance and Mobile eLeave

We are please to have Lee’s Frozen Food Sdn Bhd Implements Web Time Attendance for its entire workforce on Mobile, Onsite Showrooms nationwide and at HQ to monitors its workforce attendance.

Lee’s Frozen Food Sdn Bhd  is a leading player in the food distribution industry since 1962. Now Lee’s are one of the largest food importer and distributor in the region with operations in Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Currently employ more than 500 employees with distribution across all major cities in these countries.

We are also helping Lee’s Frozen Food, to manage their eLeave Management giving employees access to mobile Leave Applications, Leave Approvals by managers, Planned Leave Calendar, auto leave calculations etc.

We enable check in through 3 methods

  1. Mobile GPS Location Check In / Out
  2. Web Check in through browser on your company network
  3. Fingerprint reader or Time clock devices

we cover all the angles in checking in your employees and gives you accurate data and location of each of your employees.

we track tardiness and undertime for all your employees and send out notifications to stake holders to be able to discipline their employees.

Swagelok Malaysia embraces Mobile HR and HR Digitization Era

Swagelok Malaysia embraces HR Digitization Era

Swagelok Malaysia base in USJ Taman Perindustrian UEP has just come on board with us using our eRecruitment Management, Performance Appraisals, eTraining Management to manage their entire workforce Training needs.

Finance Department on the other hand is using our eClaims for 2 different companies under their group for all their client projects. This enable them to effective manage their claims better and control their cost to the company.

Swagelok product is sold in 92 countries worldwide and is a global conglomerate that has strong footprint all over the world with their superior products. We are happy that Swagelok Malaysia has come on board with us to utilize the latest technology to digitize their HR processes and embrace their employees to a mobile era.

Launching of HR Digitization Swagelok Malaysia

Our solution will significantly improve Employee Morale for easy access to informations and more engage with the HR Team. This will then enable HR Team to understand more on their employees needs and development.

Swagelok Malaysia spends heavily in employee training and believes training is part of their culture. Our Training needs analysis module will help HR team to identify these needs more easily.