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E-Time Attendance

Malaysia E-Time Attendance System is develop to Integrate Information with your Time Clock Hardware. You will get real time data from your door access with our Smart Engine protocol.

I have time clock, can you integrate ?

Yes, we can integrate to most of the time clock in the market. We pick up your csv file, database file or txt file.

Do I need to manually upload data ?

NO, you don’t need to do manual data upload. We will install a software call Smart Engine and it will automatically retrieve data from your attendance source file and send the data to our TMS software.

Can I view my staff lateness

Yes, you can view you staff lateness from anywhere with internet access. Access everyday employee lateness report from anywhere.

Can OT be calculated automatically?

Yes, we can do rounding to your working out. Setup policies on minimum hours to be considered OT. Identify which OT rates category the employee work.

Can you capture call back OT?

Yes, assign the code to the system for call back OT and employee can apply for Call back OT.

Can you manage 2 Shift in a day for emergency work?

Yes, only using our TMS we can do setup for 2 working shift in a day.

Flexible working hour or Flexi hour

Let us know, we will advise you how flexi hours can be captured and managed

Do I need to check on employee no turn up to their leave?

No need manual job, Our Time Attendance is link to your E-Leave and system will flag employees absent without leave.

For more information please go to http://www.dnamalaysia.com/malaysia-e-time-attendance-system/