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Malaysia E-Payroll supports every aspect of your payroll calculation cycle. You will never lose track of your history salary and progression. Print payslips or email payslips. System generates all company and government statutory reports. Auto Banks, Diskette format creation etc.

Is it easy to use?

After you have setup correctly everything is process monthly according to your settings. Few clicks and you can start updating additional details like OT, unpaid leave, additional allowance etc. All calculation is automatic and pro rated if you have new join.

How good is your support?

We have dedicated support personnel on a fixed number to be call during office hours. We can support you through the web and phone or email instructions. We also have onsite support personnel. Just identify your company and after we verify we will support you.

Can use on Ipad or mobile?

Yes, do it at your own home, office or anywhere using any device.

I have limited Payroll knowledge ?

No worry, If you are unsure what are the latest statutory updates or worry whether you are compliant to the government rules and regulations, contact our support team. We also do periodic updates on any new updates from government.

more information at http://www.dnamalaysia.com/e-payroll-management/

Flexibility in choosing your modules

Full fledge HR Software for you to choose and manage. Our solution is Flexible, you can start with E-HR and E-Payroll first and later upgrade more to E-Leave and E-Time Attendance.

start with only E-Leave module?

Yes, You could even just start with E-Leave to let your employee manage their own leave by self checking their balance, entitlements, applying and cancelling. Helps to reduce administrative task by constantly replying and updating employee personal Leave.

I am Missing in action, who knows where I am?

Our system also allow you to setup Time Off to do office tasks but outside the office premise without the fear to be detected as absent or missing in action. You Manager can check your calendar to find out where you went to when you are not around.

I just want to make my payroll available where ever I go so that I can do my monthly processing from anywhere.

No problem, start with just E-Payroll, setup your cut off date, your EPF, Fixed Allowances, Deductions, Family details, OT calculation, Bonus calculations and Auto Bank. We take care all the rest on your government statutory calculation and submission, That EASY.

My employee confirmation letter, appointment letter, academic records, history and all paper manual everywhere. I don’t know where to find it when I need it.

Use our E-HR, Employee Records. We have more than 16 modules to help you keep track of academic, work experience, history, discipline issue, training records, family details, accidents, progression of your career all in the same module.

If you are still unsure please call us, email our sales@dnamalaysia.com or drop us a message below.