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HR Cloud Hosting software is hosted at AIMS data center in the main intersection of network for MyIX(Malaysia Internet Exchange), Hub of fastest internet connectivity for all telco in Malaysia.

Highly secured and certified in all aspect for Security

  • ISO/ IEC 27001: 2005 Information Security Management System
  • ISO 9001/ 2008 Quality Management System
  • Threats Vulnerabilities Risk Assessment compliant
  • EPI TIA-942: 2010 Tier 3 Architectural, telecommunication, electrical, mechanical
  • Best Data Centre Engagement of The Year’ by Outsourcing Malaysia Excellence Award in 2011
  • Data Center Service Provider of The Year’ by Frost & Sullivan in 2014

Menara AIMS (aka Aik Hua), Kuala Lumpur

Download the complete specifications AIMS_MAIMS DOWNLOAD

Location Menara AIMS (fka Aik Hua), Changkat Raja Chulan, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Site Specifications Ground Floor : 2,500 sq ft
Mezzanine Floor: 2,500 sq ft
Level 1 : 6,500 sq ft
Level 2 : 6,500 sq ft
Level 3 : 6,500 sq ft
Level 4 : 6,500 sq ft
Level 5 : 6,500 sq ft
Building Information Single Block 18-storey commercial building and 3 basement parking

The building consists of 7-storey data centre floors and 3 sub-floor for the installation of mechanical and electrical facilities and power plants

Power Supplies 11kV HT power feed from TNB power grid
Power Capacity 5 MVA
Dual manhole for the incoming telecommunication fibre path

Diverse fibre trunking from Manhole sub-duct to the data centre floor

Antenna, Wireless or Microwave Equipment Space at Rooftop Yes

The UPS and EPG backup power are provided to rooftop IDU Room

Dedicated grounding system for the ODU body earth is installed at the rooftop. This earth point links to existing building basement earth chamber

Multimode fibre backbone links between rooftop IDU Room to the data centre

Building Floor Information
Floor Height 3.8 meter, slab to slab
Floor Load 5 k-N per square meter
Total Data Centre Area 37,500 sq ft
Command Centre & Security Department Command Centre is located at Ground floor.

Two levels of security control:
1st level : access to the building compound 
2nd level: access to the data centre

Construction/ Partitions
Ceiling No false ceilings for data centre Areas
Partitions 2 hours fire rated partition for each IG55 fire zone
Cabling System Two tier overhead structured cabling system and infrastructure
Raised Floor System
Gross Raised Floor Area per Floor 6,500 square feet
Usable Raised Floor Area 5,000 square feet
RAF Height 600mm Raised Floor Height
RAF Type HPL Wood-core Rigid Grid System
Concentrated Load 4.5 kN
Uniform Load 12 K-N per square meter
Underfloor Insulation Thermal isolation trocellin polyethlene foam
Perforated Panel Perforated panels are placed at the cold aisle
Data Centre Specifications
Critical Load Power Density 100 watts per square feet
Cooling Density 120 watts per square feet
Cabinet Dimension 42RU 600mm (width) x 1000mm (depth)
Rack Arrangement
Space Configuration
– Cold Aisle Spacing
– Hot Aisle Spacing
Hot aisle and cold aisle configuration:
Critical Load Power Distribution One (1) primary and one (1) redundant final sub-circuits from separate PDU within the data centre
Lighting 500lux light density at the raised floor
UPS System
UPS System True-online Double Conversion Static UPS

DRUPS is installed to protect data centre critical loads

Static UPS Capacity 1200kVA and 800kVA
Total Static UPS Capacity 2 x 2000kVA
UPS Battery Autonomy 10 minutes at full load
DRUPS Capacity 1100kVA
UPS Redundancy 2N configuration/ N+1 configuration
UPS External Bypass Provided
Synchronization Load bus synchronization is installed
Power Distribution Unit
PDU Configuration Each PDU receives one 415Vac protected power supply from UPS output panel within the data centre area

PDU is equipped with Digital Power Meter, KWH Meter. The power meters provide the electrical consumption reading of the PDU through the KWH meter or digital meter via BMS interface

Isolation Transformer K-13/K-20 Rated Isolation Transformer is included in each PDU
PDU Capacity 200kVA/225kVA
Circuit per Cabinet For 2N configuration
One (1) primary and one (1) redundant final circuit from separate PDU. STS backup is provided at the primary source in the PDU level
Circuit Protection Each final circuit is individually protected by MCB and isolation transformer at PDU
Circuit Breaker Sizes Single Phase 20A, 30A single Phase and three phase power supplies are available from the PDU
AC Voltage at the cabinet level 240V/ 50 Hz 
415V/50 Hz
48V Direct Current (DC) Plant 2N configuration. The DC plant is supported by EPG
Direct Current (DC) Plant Capacity 2 x 700A
Emergency Power Generator (EPG)
EPG Plant 2 x 2MVA backup diesel generators 
2 x 1MVA backup diesel generators
Fuel Tank External fuel tanks able to support EPG plant for 24 hours at full load
Supported Services Data centre, CRACs, chillers, lighting and general services within data centre areas
Earthing System
“Dirty” Earth “Dirty” and “Clean”earths are available at the data centre area

The “Dirty” (electrical) earth system is linked to existing building electrical earth

All electrical earth / bonding is connected to the main “Dirty” earth bar including the raised floor system pedestals bonding

“Clean” Earth “Clean” earth point is provided to each rack location under the raised floor
ACMV System
Chiller System Air cooled, chilled water based ACMV system Water is installed.
Chiller Redundancy N+1 redundancy for chiller Unit
Chiller System Support Chiller system is supported by EPG Plant and Dynamic UPS System
Chiller Pipe Dual chilled water piping system from chiller plant to the data centre floor and ring chilled water circuit within the data centre floor
CRAC System Down flow configuration computer room air condition unit
CRAC Redundancy CRAC system in the same farm area are configured in N + 1 and equipped with an automatic changeover controller
CRAC Power Redundancy Each CRAC is connected to two power sources from different ACMV panel via Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
CRAC System Support CRAC system is supported by EPG Plant 
Supplement Cooling Overhead supplement cooling is installed to support high density load. Refrigerant gas pipes runs from the supplement cooling distribution to the overhead supplement cooling 
Temperature Control 22 Degree +/- 2º
Humidity Control 50 RH +/- 10 RH
Containment Cold aisle containment with access control is available
Water Leakage Detection
Water Leakage Detection Water leak detection system is installed in data centre area 
Leak Detection type Resistive leak tape (cable) monitoring leakage at any point along the perimeter of the data centre area and surrounding the CRACs
Fire Detection And Suppression System
Fire Suppression Inert Gas IG-55 fire suppression system is installed in the data centre areas
IG-55 IG-55 Gas suppression system is installed above and under the raised access floor in the data centre areas
Fire Alarm and Detection System Two stages of alarms are implemented for IG-55 heat and smoke detection system
HSSD System HSSD System is implemented above and under the raised floor operated independently from the fire alarm system
Security Access System
Presence 24 x 7 security team
Personnel Card access system is used at all entrances and exits of data centre, common areas, building emergency staircases and M& E rooms
CCTV System Multiple CCTVs cameras with offsite archival

CCTVs are installed at the entrance and corridors within the data centre and plant areas

Every row of racks is monitored by CCTVs

Recording / Backup 90 days storage period
Data Centre Accreditations
Data Centre ISO/ IEC 27001: 2005
Information Security Management System certifiedISO 9001: 2008
Quality Management System certified
Building Management System (BMS)
System An integrated Building Management System (BMS) is installed to monitor and control all facilities within AIMS’ data centre
Monitoring – Automatic control and monitoring of the environmental control system
– Monitoring of high tension supplies
– Monitoring of UPS and backup generator systems
– Monitoring of switchboard, PDU, fans, CRAC units
– Monitoring of fire safety system
– Monitoring of water leak detection
– Monitoring of room temperature and RH