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HR Software solutions and Internet base applications

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Employee Self Service enables employee to do their own Leave Checking, Apply for Leave, view payslip, view EA, own Tax calculation, update own personal details and many other functions.

Why use Self Service?

All non HR essential tasks is delegated directly back to employees themselves and not burden the HR Administrator

Can employee update their own info?

Yes, you let your employee update their own family details and particulars pending approval from the HR administrator to check through and automatically updated to the system

Employee ask about their tax deductions

HR Administrator can now safe their time by letting their employee know that their income tax trail calculation is calculated base on E-Calculator from IRB and the trail calculation is generated in our HR system. Can do self service and view the calculations

What type of ESS can employees do?

View payslip, EA, leave balance, leave taken, cancel leave or request additional leave, submit claims, view claims, update own particulars and check own lateness or attendance record

What if my employee does not know how to use PC ?

We have customer with 400 foreign workers after step by step training menu on a fixed station computer, they all know how to apply leave

I still want printed payslip for factory workers

No problem, you can enable printing for factory workers salary slip as you normally do and enable ESS payslip view for your office management staff. All flexible depending on your needs

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E-Time Attendance

Malaysia E-Time Attendance System is develop to Integrate Information with your Time Clock Hardware. You will get real time data from your door access with our Smart Engine protocol.

I have time clock, can you integrate ?

Yes, we can integrate to most of the time clock in the market. We pick up your csv file, database file or txt file.

Do I need to manually upload data ?

NO, you don’t need to do manual data upload. We will install a software call Smart Engine and it will automatically retrieve data from your attendance source file and send the data to our TMS software.

Can I view my staff lateness

Yes, you can view you staff lateness from anywhere with internet access. Access everyday employee lateness report from anywhere.

Can OT be calculated automatically?

Yes, we can do rounding to your working out. Setup policies on minimum hours to be considered OT. Identify which OT rates category the employee work.

Can you capture call back OT?

Yes, assign the code to the system for call back OT and employee can apply for Call back OT.

Can you manage 2 Shift in a day for emergency work?

Yes, only using our TMS we can do setup for 2 working shift in a day.

Flexible working hour or Flexi hour

Let us know, we will advise you how flexi hours can be captured and managed

Do I need to check on employee no turn up to their leave?

No need manual job, Our Time Attendance is link to your E-Leave and system will flag employees absent without leave.

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Malaysia E-Leave system allows organization to maintain, track & monitor employee leave. Designed with workflow process for online approval.

I got many different locations

No problem, you can set different locations to be managed by different HR Administrator, use different calendar for different country or state, set different policies base on the country or state ruling.

Can I view my staff calendar?

Yes, as a manager you can view your team leave calendar and approve or reject leave application base on your manpower management.

How do I know my leave is approve?

Every new application, system will auto send email notifications for every actions. Approve or reject employee and manager will be notified of the actions.

Can I adjust employee leave balance?

You can either ask your staff to apply for additional leave if there is special occasion or job that has been performed via Self Service or administrator can adjust additional leave for all staff base on company policies.

When approver not around what happen?

If approver does not take action after certain days, the application will be routed to next level or direct to HR administrator.

Leave not approve yet but staff didn’t turn up to work

You have to check whether manager did not approve on time or leave is rejected but staff took leave anyway. This will be company policy to de dealt with.

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Malaysia E-Payroll supports every aspect of your payroll calculation cycle. You will never lose track of your history salary and progression. Print payslips or email payslips. System generates all company and government statutory reports. Auto Banks, Diskette format creation etc.

Is it easy to use?

After you have setup correctly everything is process monthly according to your settings. Few clicks and you can start updating additional details like OT, unpaid leave, additional allowance etc. All calculation is automatic and pro rated if you have new join.

How good is your support?

We have dedicated support personnel on a fixed number to be call during office hours. We can support you through the web and phone or email instructions. We also have onsite support personnel. Just identify your company and after we verify we will support you.

Can use on Ipad or mobile?

Yes, do it at your own home, office or anywhere using any device.

I have limited Payroll knowledge ?

No worry, If you are unsure what are the latest statutory updates or worry whether you are compliant to the government rules and regulations, contact our support team. We also do periodic updates on any new updates from government.

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