Human Resource Management System Suites

Our core competency is to provide Malaysia HR Payroll and E-business related solutions to local & overseas clients. Our single platform Malaysia HR suites modules.


  • E-HR (Human Resource Record)
  • E-Payroll Management (Full Web Payroll)
  • E-Leave Management (Self Service Web Leave Management)
  • E-Time Attendance (Time Attendance and Management )
  • E-Claim Management (Claim Management )
  • Employee Self Service (ESS)
  • E-OT Application
  • E-Training Need Analysis
  • E-Training Management
  • E-Organization Chart Management
  • E-Gratuity & Ex-Gratia – Retirement Benefits & Salary Increment
  • E-Information Portal
  • E-Security Management

Our solution

E-Payroll is very user friendly and easy to manage with full reports on Government statutory and submission as well as auto bank and bonus processing.

E-Leave enables your employee to view, apply and cancel leave via a workflow approval process. You can also apply for Time Off to do office work outside of office premise. View calendar of your subordinates to find out about their whereabouts.

Want to integrate your time clock to an Online Time Attendance, we install a SMART ENGINE on your computer and data capturing from your time clock become Automatic. There is no need to upload or download any manual data. All data push to your E-Time Attendance real time and you can instantly generates reports on daily lateness or Track Overtime (OT), track call back OT etc. multiple branches location is not a problem, sit back on your PC or mobile and access your Employee time attendance information.

Hosting Plan

Our Online Hosting Plan currently on Promotion for as low as RM 720 per year with no hardware & no additional software cost. Maintenance and software upgrades base on Government statutory is all included. Auto bank ready, EPF submission and other compliances.

Key Highlights

  • Low start up cost
  • Flexible to choose modules
  • Setup Online and start using
  • Very Easy to manage your monthly payroll
  • Complete government report submission
  • Auto Bank format ready
  • Dedicated Phone support and Online support

Smart 360 Degree Feedback – Why is Smart 360  smart?

Do a google search and you can get a lists of 360 feedback solution offering you all types features to create generic questionnaires and getting feedbacks. In Leadership development is important for us to get feedback but we cannot ask a same sets of questions about someone to different level of intellectual individuals.

CEO see a leader differently from how a manager see a manager’s leadership, it goes on to a direct report and customer or dealers.

Thus, how can you get feedback using the same form to all different individuals. We have the perfect solution for you where you can target different groups with different questionnaires but still get the Score (Tabular) and Comments (Narrative) feedback back to the same measure of behaviours.